Edible Schoolyard Project

I know this is not news, but we watched this in class a few weeks back and I think this is AMAZING.


Of course, this project takes place in California. The wonderful climate there certainly makes this easier but I still think programs like this could (and should!) happen anywhere.

I am a firm believer that kids are the ones who really need to learn about the issues in our food production and what we actually put in our bodies. One way to change this is definitely to target food education in the schools. Kids carry the messages home and are so impressionable in their young age. A lot of time children are only eating processed food because it is what their parents give them- they are not even aware of it’s detrimental effects on their health. We need to make these kids aware! And we need to teach them about sustainable and local farming.

Way to go Edible Schoolyard!!!!

I can’t believe I had never heard of this project until recently!!

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