Squats for Subway Rides

Squats for Subway Rides

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This is AMAZING!

This video has been making it’s rounds today on social media sites but I just wanted to share it here as well. For those who have yet to see it, there has been a machine installed in the subway system in Moscow, Russia that allows passengers to trade 30 squats for a free subway ride! This has been put in place to promote the upcoming 2014 winter games. What I love about it however is that is promotes physical health as well! This is seriously genius, and so innovative! I think if we did this in Toronto you would see people squatting everywhere! This speaks a lot about how to incorporate small amounts of activity into daily life, and besides that, who doesn’t love free stuff?

It reminds me a lot of the video featuring the piano stairs that encouraged people to walk up the stairs.

Think we can convince Ford to do something like this?

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