Sweden for the Win (Again!)

Sweden is a very admirable country from a Wellness stand point. They are ON TOP of their game. With their great public health care, 6 weeks vacation, amazing child care and great social services it is no wonder those Swedes are so damn good-looking (not to mention they play great hockey, make amazing furniture and delicious meat balls). They just look calm, don’t they? Today I read an article about a city in Sweden where bikes are being given to citizens if they promise to drive less. GENIUS!  This once again proves that Sweden is amazing (disclaimer: I’m obsessed with Sweden). Not only is this a great way to promote physical activity and active commuting (win!) but an incredible way to take care of our environment (double win!)  

I tried to imagine such a scenario in Toronto. Currently, I cringe just about every time I see a cyclist downtown. Driving downtown is scary enough, but I fear for cyclists! Big shout out to those who commute in Toronto by bicycle, you are brave souls!! Toronto is such a driving city which is a huge shame. But just imagine it for a second, free bikes to those who leave their car at home. Obviously we would need to do something about the lack of bike lanes but if our city planners planned for a greener city that supports active commuting, I can picture it. It’s a beautiful image isn’t it?

What is so different about the way things are done over there? Why do people seem more willing to accept these things?

Just my thoughts for the night. And more time, HIGH FIVE SWEDEN!

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  • I have a liking for Sweden too-the music, literature, culture, etc. Never set foot there, but hopefully one day……